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All kind of veneer production, wholesale and retail


General purpose plywood, furniture plywood   

 - Species  beech, poplar; it is possible to make a combination (upper layers of one species and inner  layers of another species)
 - Dimensions   width 4-40 mm, standard formats 1525 mm x 1525 mm, 1525 mm x 3050 mm, 1200 mm x 1800 mm
 - Grades    from AB to CC, full compliance with
 - State Standard 3916.1-96

Potential monthly output of plywood - up to 150 m3.
Water-resistant plywood is produced from veneer sheets mostly of beech, poplar and other species by high temperature pressing with application of urea formaldehyde resin (hygienically clean, interior applicable).
In case of a long term order, it is possible to produce enhanced water-resistance plywood based on the phenol-formaldehyde resin.

The line used for production of plywood, consists of:

 - a press of 1800 mm x 3100 mm size

 - plywood cutting equipment

In addition, we have a ten-daylight press (sheet dimensions 2000 mm xl300 mm with the monthly capacity of 200 m3) which, if needed, can be promptly installed (1 month).


Фанера клееная от производителя

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