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All kind of veneer production, wholesale and retail

Peeled veneer

Species - beech, poplar, sycamore

Peeled veneer  (beech) Peeled veneer  (Poplar) Peeled veneer  (Sycamore)

Dimensions - width 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm (for customized orders from 1.0 to 3.0 mm), maximal length 1640 mm, width -4000 mm (dryer roll length)

Grades - mix (A,B,C), dimensions depending on the ordered specification or separately by sorts А, В, С of the HOST (State Standard) 99-96 and with full compliance with the DIN requirements.

Potential monthly output of peeled veneer - up to 450 m3.

The technological complex used for production of peeled veneer consists of:

 - a boiler house with the overall capacity of 2,2 ton of steam per hour
 - an autoclave for 100 m3 of raw material
 - a semi-automated veneer line
 - a roller dryer with the roll length of 4200 mm
 - veneer cutting equipment

Производство шпона в Украине

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